Healthy Saida: Preservation, Sustainable Development & Interconnection of Saida’s Natural and Built Heritage

The drawings below are part of a set of urban development strategies and interventions proposed during “Saida’s Old City: Which Urban Development Strategy?,” an urban planning and design workshop dictated by Profs. Mona Harb and Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj at the American University of Beirut (Fall 2012-2013). The main outcomes of the studio were the: (a) comprehensive documentation of an urban setting through a variety of mapping and analytical tools, (b) analysis of the multiple layers making up the built environment, independently and relationally, (c) identification of urban issues vis-à-vis urban planning and design theories, (d) conceptualization and suggestion of integrated urban strategies using appropriate sets of planning tools and design elements, (e) development and detailing of all the components of the urban intervention strategies, and (f) professional presentation and argumentation of findings orally  and via maps, visuals, and narrative reports.

The “Healthy Saida” strategy and interventions were prepared by Zarifi Haidar, Gamar Markarian, and Salwa Sabbagh and aimed at promoting the Saida’s development while conserving its rich urban heritage though the preservation, sustainable development and interconnection of the city’s natural and built heritage.

Layout1sheet 1 detail 2sheet 1 detailLayout1sheet 2 detail 1 rotatedsheet 2 detail 1Layout1Layout1

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