Pine Hills Village

Location: Chbenieh, Lebanon

Client: Arabian Construction Company

Consultant: SJCO Joint Venture with Balaa & Associates Consultant Engineers

Built-up Area: 19,000 m²

Date: 2006 – 2010

SJCO and Balaa & Associates Consultant Engineers were commissioned the preparation of execution drawings and the construction management of the Pine Hills Village, a residential complex consisting of 29 three-floor housing blocks, a social club, and other service facilities. The complex is located in Chebanieh, a village that emerges from the middle of a pine forest, rising 950 m over the sea level and overlooking mount Sannine and Lamartine valley.

ZHM’s main tasks: Assistance in the preparation of execution documents • Assistance in the construction follow up

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Architectural drawings
Aerial view of the complex while still under construction